Baltimore native Reina Williams, uses her voice and innate penchant for lyricism and musicianship to tap into the cracks in our armor, reaching the most familiar parts of our humanity. Her music is a unique fusion of acoustic soul, hip hop/ R&B, and conscious roots music blended with elements of live electronic production to create an evocative, raw, and edgy style all her own. Her signature sound taps into the unspoken emotions of self discovery, revealing, healing, and returning to love. 

As the daughter of an opera singer, music was the center of Reina Williams' life from very early on. It quickly became her passion. Being raised in opera houses and theatres, she was exposed to classical choral music and jazz. She was taught piano at age 8, and at 13, she taught herself how to play the guitar. In her teen years, Reina began performing live in a host of shows at local coffee houses/ small venues. During that time, she discovered music production after taking an introductory course in high school. After she graduated high school, Reina focused her education on music production. She attended Omega Studios School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, from which she graduated in 2001. 

In the 2000's Reina embraced the local Baltimore hip hop scene, writing and performing live to beats she produced, as well as producing for other artists. While working as a recording engineer at Oz Recording Studios, Reina sat in on sessions with acclaimed artists such as Alicia Keys, Usher, Lil Mo, and more. 

In 2010 Reina was voted "Baltimore's Best Solo Artist" by Baltimore Magazine. Also in 2010 she was featured in the "100 Women We Love" by GO Magazine. In 2011 Reina appeared in FOX Networks "The X Factor," being praised by Simon Cowell, quoted, "she made my year!" In 2014, Reina's song "Ooh Damn" was awarded "Best R&B/ Soul Song" in the 9th Annual OUT Music Awards. 

Over the years, Reina has had live shows from coast to coast, and at various music & art festivals including Artscape, Unifier Festival, Playthink, and more. In 2017, she started incorporating live production elements into her live performance, adding a refreshing layer to her dynamic style. 

Reina also has a longstanding music publishing/songwriting partnership with global music publishing giants BMG Chrysalis, garnering a library of over 300 songs featured in television shows, movies, and movie trailers such as Power, Black Ink, Magic Mike, Law & Order SVU, Scandal & many more. 

Along with many single releases, Reina's personal discography includes: 
Full Circle EP (2009) 
Reina Williams: The Mixtape (2011) 
Epiphany (2015) 

In collaboration with New Zealand band Fat Freddy's Drop, Reina released the song "Action 2.0" featuring the band's horn samples. 

Most recently, Reina released her new single "Unlock it" with Thrive Records, a sub-label of High Vibe Records.

When the opportunity arises, Reina uses her talent to give back to local communities. Past opportunities include mentoring Baltimore based inner city children on how to produce music, performing for LGBTQ+ youth, performing for elders in nursing homes throughout the NYC area, and performing for at-risk youth at Rikers Island. 

Currently Reina is based in Northern NJ. She is working on new music projects and is always evolving as a musician, and as a human being. In the fullness of time, Reina's journey would not be possible without the music.  The music that flows through Reina has taught her the love and understanding, that going where the love flows is ultimately how we all rise to our highest potential.